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Adventures of the Clan McMillian Kids

on July 1, 2011

Let me start by introducing the colorful cast of kids from the McMillian clan.

First off we have Bean Pole Cole. Mister Bean Pole is a fan of all things video game oriented. One day he is a Clone Trooper battling flesh eating zombies and the next he is creating amazing gadjets and gizmos…

Bean Pole Cole

Second we have Sassy Sissy. This little lady is full of spunk and sparkles. She is the sweetest pop star princess with the best dance moves anyone has ever seen…

Sassy Sissy

And last, but certainly not least of the bunch, is Super simon. This self proclaimed ‘hot’ little man is the athlete of the clan. Ladies from around the world will swoon when he swoops in to save the day…

Super Simon

While these adventures revolve around the three characters mentioned above, there are plenty of other clan members that might  make an appearance. Such as…Clyde No Bottom, Boom Boom, Coyote Cody, Jabberwocky, Trixie, Sally Snickelfritz, George Huggabottom, Henry Shortstroke, Cool Papa, Da Warden, John Brown (ask me again & I’ll knco you down), Susie Sweetkisses, Ike, Galloping Gabe, and Stephonie.

The clan and I look forward to sharing our escapades with you, and hope you enjoy the ride.


11 responses to “Adventures of the Clan McMillian Kids

  1. Love the clan names! Welcome to blogging.

  2. clankids says:

    Thanks for the support Karen! I can’t wait to share more adventures. Hope you keep coming back to see the Clan Kids are up to.

  3. dawarden says:

    Love those Clan Kids!!!

  4. Abby says:

    It is delightfully creative. 🙂

  5. sarakayjordan says:

    Sounds like a fun group! I look forward to reading their adventures.

  6. Chris Cannon says:

    Love the costumes.

  7. lisawellsauthor says:

    What a cute idea. Love this.

  8. Hilarious! Makes me see my own kids in a whole new light.

  9. Beth Carter says:

    How funny! Cute clan names and adorable kids. You have a beautiful family!

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