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Ritual of the Bug-a-Boo

on July 5, 2011

There is a monster living in the house of the Clan kids. It is called the Bug-a-Boo. She is a life size teddy bear with horns on her head and dragon scales on her belly. She also has a long furry black tail with a big puff on the end. The elusive creature hides in closets and under the beds during the day. It has only been spotted at night as the Clan kids lay down to sleep.

Most kids would be scared of such a monster living in their house, but not the Clan kids. The Bug-a-Boo is a special kind of monster and the Clan kids look forward to seeing her each and every night.

The big furry teddy bear jumps from the place she is hiding and onto Sassy’s bed. After all ladies go first.

“Snug as a bug in a rug!” Bug-a-Boo exclaims in her growling monster voice. She quickly tucks the blankets around Sassy tightly, from the tips of her toes to under her chin.

“Squash the bug!” Bug-a-Boo announces and lays lightly across Sassy, careful not to hurt her. Sassy always giggles when the fur from Bug-a-Boo’s body tickles her nose.

“Beat the bug!”  The monster proclaims, gently thumping Sassy on the back and tush.

“Tickle the bug!” Bug-a-Boo yells. The monster likes this so much she usually lingers on the tickling for awhile. She enjoys hearing the Clan kids explode with laughter from her tickles.

“Kiss the bug!” Bug-a-Boo says, nearing the end of her nightly ritual. She places a sweet kiss on Sassy’s forehead and bops her on the nose with the magic puff on the end of her tail. It is filled with sleeping dust.

“Hug the bug!’ Bug-a-Boo commands and wraps her purple fuzzy arms around Sassy in a loving embrace. Each Clan kid is known for asking for at least one more hug, if not two or three. Bug-a-Boo stands up and makes her way into Bean Pole’s and Super’s room. She turns back to Sassy one more time and smiles a big teddy bear smile.

“See you tomorrow?” Bug-a-Boo asks.

“See me tomorrow.” Sassy replies sleepily. Moments later Sassy is sound asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams.

Bug-a-Boo repeats the ritual with Super and then with Bean Pole. After making sure each Clan kid is snug in their bed, Bug-a-Boo returns to the closet or under the bed. She patiently waits for the following night to once more tuck in the kids of the clan.


2 responses to “Ritual of the Bug-a-Boo

  1. dawarden says:

    I want to be tucked in by bug-a-boo too!!!!!

  2. clankids says:

    I will send her right over =)
    There are occassions when Bug-a-Boo surprises Clyde No Bottom with a quick tuck in. He does not appreciate it as much as the Clan kids though =P

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