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New Addition to the Clan

on July 11, 2011

The Clan Kids are proud to announce that they have accepted a new kid into their elite clan.

The process in procuring the perfect participant was a prolonged and tiresome task. Months and months went by with no luck, then the bickering between the kids erupted.

Sassy Sissy and Jabberwocky wanted another girl to join their ranks, making them just one step behind the boys of the clan, instead of two steps behind. Sassy and Jabberwocky are almost unstoppable, never taking no for an answer. Another girl in the clan would get them closer to overrunning the boys and eventually taking over the clan. Under their rule sleep overs, dress up, makeup, dancing, and music would never cease. Cups would overflow with soda pop and cupboards would be filled with sweets.

On the other hand…

Bean Pole Cole, Coyote Cody, and Super Simon have reigned supreme in the boy to girl ratio of the clan. Another boy would bring them the ultimate victory over the girls, which they would then obnoxiously taunt the girls with until the end of time. The clan boys have dominated for years. During their domination, video games are constantly played, wars between superheros and barbies are waged, and there has never been anything more hilarious than someone burping or farting as loud and long as possible.

The bickering was finally brought to an end last week on July 1, 2011. A decision was made.

Sally Snicklefritz presented the little boy named Firecracker as the newest addition to the clan kids.

Ms. Snickelfritz and Firecracker

While Sassy and Jabberwocky were appropriately excited for the new member, they are still plotting to one day rule the roost. Bean Pole, Coyote, ann Super remain in charge, at least that is what the girls let them think…


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