Clan Kids

Where kids imaginations run wild…

Reunions, Anniversaries, and Birthdays….oh my!

on July 22, 2011

I suppose there might be a few of you wondering what in tarnation happened to the clans kids! Over a week with no update into their shinanigans! Never fear, the kids are always around and sometimes up to no good.

The whole clan has been crazy busy this past week and now it has settled enough that I can share some of its madness with you.

Last weekend was reunion weekend. Clan members young and old, near and far, came together in a celebration of family. Casual conversations and fantastic food filled the house. Most of the older generation stayed indoors hidden away from the sizzling rays of the sun. The younger members of the clan braved the outdoors.

The highlight of the afternoon was riding the ‘gator around the property. No need to worry, the kids stayed away from the teeh and wore their seatbelts. Man oh Man are those ‘gators quick. The rides were over far too soon for all the kids of the clan, but the ‘gator was running low on fuel and those kids looked  mighty tasty.

After the reunion it was time to head to a 50th anniversary party. The kids did their duty by shaking hands, hugging, and making somewhat polite conversation. Once the greetings were over the kids made their way to the tables and that is when they noticed the candyland that was spread before them. Chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, and fruity punch were within reach. Resistance was not an option! The kids tore through the line taking all their little paper plates could handle, knowing when they returned home there would be no more treats…for a long long long time. Stupid diets! They ate and drank until their lillte bellies were swollen with the sweet sugary delights. Good thing the ‘gator was not around. Unthinkable things might have happened. 

The next day it was party time once again. This time it was for George Huggabottoms birthday. Sally Snickelfritz and Firecracker were there, along with Susie Sweetkisses and John Brown(ask me again and I’ll knock you down). Once again the kids ventured outside. This time a jungle with a misty waterfall greeted them ( no ‘gators allowed). The clan kids ran back and forth under the cooling waterfall. They also swung from vines and jumped from cliffs into the water. It was the perfect way to keep cool in the blistering heat.

 And once again the older clan members remained entertained by taking a dangerous and deadly journey to the core of the earth,  traveled to the final frontier, and finished the afternoon by battling with pirates. (See we older clan members are just as fun as the younger crowd!)

Live long and prosper....

Finally the weekend came to an end. The Bug-A-Boo came out of her hiding place and performed her ritual on the kids. Clyde No Bottom and I (Boom Boom) finished out the night in the company of some southern vampires, witches, and shifters before heading  to bed ourselves.

Hopefully this weekend will be less hectic, but filled with just as many adventures to share. Happy weekend to you and your from all of us here in the clan!


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