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Super Simon’s Hospital Hijinks

on September 13, 2011

One night Bean Pole and Super were racing through the house to see who would get to play video games first. Let me just put in here that they have been told on several occasions not to run through the house, but I now realize that the Clan kids are deaf to my voice.

Anyway, Bean Pole really wanted to get to the games first, so he gave Super a little nudge. Well, Super had not been expecting Bean Pole to take on the whole “rubbin’s racin'” attitude, and like a speeding car that lost control Super fell, flipped over, and managed to whack his head on the corner of the walls. I immediately went to check on him, knowing with my Mommy Superpowers he was hurt pretty bad.

I have been lucky to have never seen a head injury before this point. So when blood started spewing from a cut on poor Super’s head, needless to say, I was slightly panicked. Good thing Clyde was there to take over. He issued orders like a drill sargent as he told Bean Pole and Sassy to sit down on the couch, told me to get a cloth for Super’s head, and took Super into the bathroom. Clyde put him in the shower and washed the blood from the wound carefully. The decision was made that Super did indeed need to go to the hospital.

I put Super in a jacket instead of trying to put a shirt over his head and helped him finish dressing. I also carried the still slighty dazed Super to the car and drove to the emergency room. On this weeknight the ER was like a ghost town. The only other patient was in the exam room next to us. The nurse came in to examine Super’s head, as she did she asked me what had happened. I started to explain, but Super held up his hand in the ‘talk to the hand’ motion and said very seriously, “No Mom, I will tell her.” He then went into detail about the video game he was wanting to play when his brother pushed him into the wall.  He also felt it was his duty to answer as many of the admitting questions as possible without my help. Super is a charmer and had the nurses giggling at his antics in no time.

The jacket had been a bad choice on my part.  He tried several times to strip it off to show the nurses his six pack and ask them to feel the muscles in his arms. Every once in a while I would hear small snickers of laughter coming from the patient and doctor in the next room. The admitting nurse came back into the room shortly afterward with his ID bracelet. She was nice enough to ask him where he wanted her to put it ‘on his wrist or his ankle’. Super, of course, went with his ankle.  He examined the bracelet on his ankle then looked at me and said enthusiastically “Look Mom I’m a criminal.” (Don’t ask me where he learned this from because I have no idea.)

Playing along I said ‘Oh really, what did you do to get in trouble?’ Super thought about this for a moment before saying ‘I kicked a man in his nut balls.” and demonstrated the kick he had used. Laughter erupted from from the room next door. This conversation went on a bit longer then he need to use the restroom. On the way back to the room we met the patient who was in the room next to Super. She was a kind lady and was nice enough to give Super a dollar for being such a brave little boy. She told him to use it to get himself a treat when he was done. His eyes widened in happiness.

‘Mom I’m rich!” he said. I smiled at him,”Oh you are? One dollar makes you rich?” He nodded his head, “Yep.”

What if you had two dollars?” I asked. “Then I would be really rich.” This was another conversation that lasted for a while until he looked at me and asked, “Is there a snack bar here?”

“A snack bar?” I asked. “I want to buy some candy.” he stated. “There is probably a vending machine around here somewhere.” I answered. He looked at me like I had grown another head. “What’s a vending machine?” he asked. I explained what it was but he still prefers to call it a snack bar.

Finally the doctor came in and after talking to Super and looking at his head confirmed that Super would indeed need staples to close the cut. This was the first time since arriving at the hospital that Super looked nervous. “You are going to put staples in my brain?” he asked. The doctor reassured him that the staples would go nowhere near his brain.

A nurse came in to prep the area for the staples. She complimented Super for being such a big boy. he looked at her and asked, “Where is my prize?”    “For what?” she asked innocently.  “I get a prize for being a big boy.” he told her.

She left and came back with with a pirates chest full of stickers. After five minutes of careful deliberation Super chose a Cars 2 sticker. The nurse promised to give him two more stickers if the doctor said he did a good job with the staples. Well the doctor came in put the staples in his scalp (if you ask Super tho the staples were in his brain). Super did an awesome job. No tears were shred and no screams erupted from him. The nurse came back and Super picked two more stickers. It was faster the second time around he thought really hard about which ones he wanted while the doctor worked on him. We stopped to spend his dollar at the vending machine, at least now he knows what one is. 

We went home and Bean Pole apologized many times for pushing Super. Being the big boy that he is Super told him it was okay and gave him a hug. While it had been a stressful evening, Super’s big boy attitude made it fun.


One response to “Super Simon’s Hospital Hijinks

  1. I have a daughter who would adore him. She is rough and tumble and loves to show off her “guns” (aka, biceps). Your Clan Kids sound very much like my spider monkeys. 😉

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