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Please accept my apology

on January 20, 2012

As you can see I have not posted anything since mid September. I would like to give you an awesome excuse for my absence, but unfortunely, I don’t have one.

It had been so long since I posted that I thought I might just delete this blog all together and maybe start a different one. As I got to reading the earlier posts though I realized something.  I love this blog. I love sharing the misadventures of my family, and they love it when I write about them. So I am going to continue writing on this blog & writing about my awesome family.

Now, hopefully, you are wondering, ‘Well, what have the clan kids been up to since September?’

Well, let me fill you in…

First of all, many holidays were celebrated in the past few months, so…Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I think that hits all the major holidays. Hope you all had one hell of a good time celebrating, I know we here in the clan did.

As far as the kids go, they have been busy with school, but still find the time to have an adventure or two. I will share some of these stories later….I know, with my track record for posting you won’t be holding your breath.

There has been an addition to the clankids as well. To the utter delight of Sassy and Jaberwocky, back in December another girl was added to the growing clan by Stefonie & Henry Shortstroke. In another month or so another girl will be joining the ranks of the clankids as well. Their clan names will be announced once they have been given their rightful clan names.

My book was picked up by Ruby Lioness Press. We are in the editing stage at the present. After the editing is finished, then the publisher will start on the cover and will set a release date. I am beyond excited about this opportunity. To keep up on the latest going on with me and my book, you can check out my website, I also have a Facebook Author page, And if that is not enough shameless self promotion for you, I also have an author Twitter page,

While this post has not been nearly as entertaining as earlier posts, it was informative. I hope you accept my apology for my absence and continue to read about the clan kids adventures. For now I will leave you with a few interesting quips the kids have said over the past few months.

*Sassy Sissy has informed me that she just wants to be a normal girl. So I asked her,”What do normal girls do?” Her response…”Whatever they want.” (‘atta girl!)

*According to Zombie expert Bean Pole Cole, zombies hate butter. Why??? Because it blinds them for 5,600 hours until they get smart and take the buckets off the heads.

*This was a conversation overheard one morning before the kids went to school. Bean Pole: Don’t shut the door up. Super: What did you say?, Bean Pole: Don’t shut the door up., Super: Oh, I thought you said, ‘Don’t shut the Dora.’ I could shut you in a room with Dora and all she would do is stand there and be happy.

*One night Clyde taught Sassy the art of giving a wedgie. She is now a Master of Wedgies after running through the house and practicing on her brothers.

*On another night, we went out to eat our favorite cashew chicken. Bean Pole starts reading the menu across the restuarant. I was impressed at the distance and told him so much. Sassy looks at him and exclaims, “You can read Chinese!?”

*Clyde & I had unusual conversation in the car on the way to work one morning. It started with Clyde turning to me and saying, “Stick out your tongue and lick my teeth…” Why? He started using his new toothbrush and was excited by how well it worked.

*And finally, this morning Bean Pole rolls out of bed, gives me a hug, and says, “Mom, I love you more than video games.”


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