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How Rude Are You?

on January 24, 2012

Sunday morning the clankids woke bright and early, as usual. Clyde rolled out of bed while I stayed in bed to catch just a few more minutes of shut eye before starting the day. Unfortunately I missed an exchange between Sassy and Super.

Sassy was talking to Bean Pole, probably telling him what to say and do as they were playing. As Sassy was instructing Bean Pole on how to play their game of Halo soldier saving the damsel in distress, Super started talking to Bean Pole, thus interrupting Sassy. That upset her.

“Super! I was talking! You interrupted me! How rude are you!” she yelled. (Notice the exclamation point after the ‘how rude are you’. She did not mean this as a question. She meant it as an insult.) Super didn’t take it as the insult it was meant to be.

Super turned to her and answered very simply, “Not very,” and turned back to Bean Pole to continue his conversation.


2 responses to “How Rude Are You?

  1. Kids are great! Last week, my daughter told me I was the only mom who could pull off flannel pants and a gecko tshirt.:) Glad to have the ClanKid stories back.

  2. clankids says:

    Your daughter sounds awesome 😉 Thanks for visiting.

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