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Experiment Gone Somewhat Wrong

on May 23, 2012

If you know me, you know I like to experiment with my hair color. My hair is always changing. Now usually I ask my very talented sister, Trixie , the hairdresser, to do it for me. Well, I decided on a whim to change the color and didn’t want to wait for Trixie to find the time to do it for me. I mean after all I used to do it by myself all the time. What could possibly go wrong???

1. I had Clyde No Bottom with me when I went to pick a color.

2. He picked the color. (I should have gone with my gut feeling and picked a different color, but Clyde seemed sure it would look great on me. How could I say no?)

3. NEVER leave the color on longer than the instructions say to. I ‘accidentally’ left the color on 30 minutes longer than I was supposed to. I got caught up watching Grimm. Awesome show the by way. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

Once I washed the dye out, I realized my previously mentioned mistakes. The result? Very red hair.

The only reason I’m not more upset about my extremely red hair is because I know for a fact it won’t stay red that long. In a couple of weeks the red will fade and I will be left with a pretty auburn. but it was a bit hard to look in the mirror the day after I dyed it.

I was complaining to Clyde about how red it was. To which he asked, ‘Why do you keep dying it anyway?’

“Because my natural hair color is fugly! (It’s mousey brown and when the sun hits it just right it looks gray). And I don’t want to have the look a boring mom.”

Now the clan kids were in the same room while this conversation was going on. Super picked this moment to enter the discussion.

“So what do you want to look like? A clown?” he innocently asked. My jaw dropped open and Clyde burst into laughter. My sweet little girl Sassy came up and gave me a hug.

She said, “Mommy you look beautiful, just like Ronald McDonald’s mom.”


3 responses to “Experiment Gone Somewhat Wrong

  1. That is just adorable. “Out of the mouths of babes!” I’ve never been brave enough to change my hair color. Maybe I should!

  2. Kids are awesome. And I sure you do look beautiful. 🙂

  3. Chris Cannon says:

    You should wait till your kids are sleeping, sneak in and spray their hair red with the stuff that washes out in one shampoo, and wait until they look in the mirror the next morning. 🙂

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