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The Sneaky Shower Loch Ness Monster

on September 10, 2012

You have all read the post about the Bug-A-Boo monster residing in the Clans kids house. Well, another monster has recently been making quite an impression on the Clan kids.

You see, this new monster is sneaky. He likes to catch the the Clan kids unaware. He has even been known to cause me quite a fright on occasion.

The Loch Ness usually waits until early in the morning to make its presence known. He draws the shower curtain closed, runs warm water, and turns on the shower head. He waits until one of the Clan kids comes in to go to the bathroom after waking up. He remains utterly quiet, then when the Clan kid least expects it, the Loch Ness growls and jumps at the Clan kid through the shower curtain. Thank goodness the Clan kids is already on the pot, because the Loch Ness gives them such a fright, they might actually pee themselves. After scaring the Clan kids silly, a sound close to laughter erupts from it and the monster goes back into after that. He either scares the next Clan kid that only wants to empty their full morning bladder in peace or he simply has had his scare fill for the day, only to return the next morning.

No one is safe from this Loch Ness monster living in the Clan shower, with the exception of Clyde. He has yet to face a fright from the monster. I’m patiently waiting for the day that a lady Loch Ness will appear to scare the crap out of him for a change.


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