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Children’s Book Reviews by the Clan Kids!

on September 17, 2012

Well Ladies and Gents a new school year has begun. With a new school year comes the excitement of a new classroom, new teacher, and possibly some new classmates. The new school year also comes with the thing students dread, homework. My kids usually come home with at least one math worksheet every night. Along with math, they each have reading homework that must be done every week night. Super and Sassy read 15 – 20 minutes every night. Bean Pole is supposed to read 5-10 pages every night. 

I got to thinking about how to make their reading more interesting and something they would look forward to doing. They love my blog and love the stories I share and are always asking me to post something about them. So I thought I would share this blog with them.

That’s right, the Clan Kids are going to start reviewing some of the books they read.  They will share their overall rating for the book (on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the best and 1 is not good). They will also share their favorite scene or character in the book and pictures of them with the book. I will post links to buy the books off Amazon and any author website links, such as Facebook and/or Twitter.

Do you have a suggestion for the Clan Kids to read and review? We are open to them. Leave a comment, hit me up on my Facebook page at, & on Twitter at


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