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Book Review: Time Slide by Marie Godley

on September 26, 2012

Jerry, and his kid sister, Sammy, join their parents on an archaeological dig in Xanudu, located a few miles outside the Great Wall of China. While waiting for their parent to fill out important paperwork, the children are left to explore the museum. Sammy stops to examine a portrait of Lotus, a beautiful young woman who went missing and was never heard from again. After viewing this painting, Sammy begins to have visions, that she believes, are from the past. Thinking no one will believe her, she doesn’t tell anyone but writes about it in the journal that Jerry gave to her.

Once they are at the dig site, the children are allowed to help an archaeology student with excavating and cataloging anything they happen to find. Toward the end of the dig, after finding only bit and pieces of pots and such, Sammy finds a hair slide, fully in tact. After carefully cataloging it, she proudly shows her parents her find. They leave after instructing her to put the hair slide back in the find draw. Sammy begins to feel another vision come on, but this time its not just a vision, and she is not the only one to experience it, Jerry is along for the ride.

When they return to the present, Sammy tells Jerry she thinks the hair slide belongs to Lotus, the girl in the portrait. Jerry is at first skeptical but has no reasonable explanation for what happened.  They decide to keep their adventure to themselves, but both write about it in their journals.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this story. The relationship between the siblings was realistic. They joke, tease, and argue, but end up sharing a special connection after their time travel adventure. Their personalities were also realistic. Jerry being the logical one and Sammy being the daydreamer. There was a lot of history included in the story which worked in its favor. I love it when my kids can read an entertaining story and learn things as well. The Clan kids liked the story, but it took them until about halfway through it to really get involved with what was going on.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

About the Author:

I live in the south of England, luckily enough near the sea. My family and the scenery here are the inspiration for some of my characters and stories.I started writing whilst I was working in a school library but I now write full time, except looking after my family, of course! My books range in ages from under fives to teenagers. I like having a fantasy element to my stories because it allows you to use your imagination, also I am a big kid at heart. To find out more visit my web site


Website address is

You can also find her on Twitter

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