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Book Review: The Dreamers

on July 24, 2013



Book Blurb:

Sam Kullen is a Dreamer. This means that he can control and influence events on earth in his dreams. But first, he has to save the Dream Realm from an evil villain who wants total control. (Are there any OTHER kinds of villains?) To save the Dream Realm, Sam must work together with the Dreamers, save some territories, fulfill his destiny, and, ultimately, save the world. This means he has to fight in arenas, battle on mountains, and even destroy enemy buildings. Malfix (the villain) must be stopped at all costs… and Sam is ready.


About the Author:

Oliver Dahl is the oldest of five children and enjoys reading and writing both. Born in 1998, he has been an aspiring author since he learned to write. He is a rewarded writer, musician, and engineer. The Dreamers is Oliver’s first published novel, but he has many more planned.


My Thoughts:

I really wish Bean Pole would have been able to read this with me. I think he would have thoroughly enjoyed this book. If I would have had a physical copy in my hand, I would have asked him to read it. Since it was an e-copy though, Bean Pole prefers to play video games on the computer, not read.

That being said, I enjoyed reading this book. I action sequences were descriptive and entertaining. Some of the dialog was a little lackluster, I would have loved to have had more information about the Dream Realm and how it all worked. A lot of it got pushed off with ‘It’s complicated’.  The subject was dropped and the story moved on. The story did need to be edited a bit more, but I’m not an editor. I overlooked the errors and focused on the story itself.

It’s a cool idea and one that was executed well. The characters were well written. The action sequences were easy to follow. The descriptions of each area in the Dream Realm were interesting. I could easily picture Futurecon and the Floating Islands in my mind.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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