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Blog Hop!

on July 31, 2013

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a blog hop by the lovely and talented A.M. Buxton. A blog hop bounces from author to author and grills us on a few questions. So, lets get down to business, shall we…


What are you working on right now?

I have several projects going at the moment. I’m working on the final book for my City of the Gods trilogy. I’m about a third of the way through it. I also have a short romance I’m writing. Once it is finished I plan to self publish it. It will be my first encounter with self publishing. I’m really excited about it. And last, but certainly not least, I’m working a children’s book about my childhood cat. I’m working with a very talented illustrator on it, so I’ll let you know when to keep your eyes peeled for its release.


How do these projects differ from the other works in their genres?

City of the Gods is a trilogy. It follows a group of people as they try to bring down an evil priest. They have powers and immortality, but they also have a direct line to their Gods. They also live fairly normal lives. There aren’t any vampires or werewolves (not hating on them, because I love those kinds of books).

I started writing the short romance for a friend of mine. She came up with the character names, I came up with the story line. She is anxiously waiting for me to finish the story.

I’ve been wanting to write a children’s book for a while, but never knew what to write about. Then my dad turns to me one day and says he is surprised that I haven’t written a book about my childhood cat Scooter. I was like, ‘You are absolutely right Dad. I should write about Scooter.’ I loved that cat to pieces. Unfortunately Scooter is no longer with us, but will live on the kids books I write about him.


Why do you write what you do?

Because I’m pretty sure I would suck at writing anything else, especially anything historical. One day I may branch out of my comfort zone and try something different, but for now I like writing urban fantasy, romance, and kids books. 


What’s the hardest part about writing?

For me, it’s finding the time to write when I have the inspiration to write. Most of the time inspiration hits me in the middle of the night. That was fine when I was younger, didn’t have to be at work in the morning, and didn’t have kids to get up and out the door. Now I make myself write in the afternoons if I don’t have something else to attend to, or after the kids go to bed. One day I’ll be able to go back to writing until the wee hours of the morning, but for now I’m content to spend time with my family and write when I find the time.

And there you have it. My little stop on this blog hop has come to an end. Unfortunately, my part ends here. I couldn’t find another blogger to volunteer for the hop, but you can go back and check out some of the other authors that were involved. Here are just a few:

A.M. Buxton

Tierney James

Susan Keene  (I just reviewed Susan’s children’s book too.)

Thanks for stopping by and checking in. While you’re here take a look back at the previous posts. You might be glad you did.



One response to “Blog Hop!

  1. AMBuxton says:

    I see I’m not the only one with timing+inspiration issues. 🙂 You’re children’s book sounds cute. Is it a picture book?

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