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Review: An Unexpected Adventure by D.X. Dunn

on August 7, 2013


Book Blurb:

 When ten-year old Christopher Knight gets an email from his best friend, now living two hundred miles away, he has no idea that it holds the key to another world. The two friends unexpectedly find themselves in the magical kingdom of Distania. There they must face a raging river, dragons, a mysterious prince and an angry king; and they need to get home in time for dinner!


About the Author:

 D.X. Dunn is an avid reader who has allowed her love of books to spill over into writing. Reading is a vital life skill for children to develop and she started the Distania Chronicles in an effort to get more books out there that boys could read and enjoy. (Because she is the mom of a boy.) The books have developed to include strong female characters as well. (Because she is the mom of a girl, too.) 

The first book “An Unexpected Adventure” is available at the permanent introductory price of $0.99 to introduce readers to the series.


 My Thoughts:

 The opening situation and the kids in the book remind me a lot of my own household and children, which I like. I could see Bean Pole wanting to play and explore with Chris and his friend in the world they accidentally drop into. I’d never get my kids off the computer if they were constantly transported to a distant land. All in all this was a good story. In my opinion, it could have used a tad more action and/or drama.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars




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