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Friday Fun!

on August 16, 2013

First, an apology.

The past two weeks I have not posted a Friday Fun story. For this, I apologize. The first Friday I missed, WordPress was being a pain in the tushie and refused to let me post anything. The second Friday I missed is my fault. I was out of town. But I’m back, and so is the Friday Fun story. Brought to you by our trip to Worlds of Fun this past weekend.

Rarely do Clyde and I take the clankids and go on a mini vacation. This was our attempt to spend time as a family and give the kids a last hurrah before school started. We went up to Kansas City to see my sister, Trixie, and her hubby, Butters. We also took our family friend, Twinkie, and her daughter, Lil Banana with us.

Worlds of Fun…that it was. We all had a blast.

As we entered and approached the rides, Clyde saw the Mamba roller coaster. He and Twinkie wanted to ride that, but so did Sassy and Super. And you know what!? They were tall enough to ride it, so off they all went on their merry way. I was fine staying behind with Bean Pole & Lil Banana. (Lil Banana was too short and Bean Pole was too scared. I don’t blame him, I was too).

Words of Advice: If your kids are tall enough to ride, make sure they are fat enough to ride as well. Super is a tall skinny toothpick. The only thing holding the fine amusement park goers in their seats on the Mamba is a lap belt, which isn’t the greatest when you are as skinny as Super. Clyde had to put his arm across Super and pull hold the belt to make sure Super didn’t go flying out of the seat. Scary!!!

That being said, when I asked Super what he thought of his FIRST roller coaster ride, his reply was “It was awesome!” Both Super and Sassy went on even more roller coasters after that.

Now on to Bean Pole. We paid quite a bit to get into the park, we wanted him to ride at least one roller coaster. He chose the Boomerang. It loops around a couple of time and then you go backwards through the loops and the ride is over. It’s a pretty short ride. Clyde rode with him. I rode by myself, & Trixie rode with Sassy (best pairing ever in my opinion).

As the coaster is taking postion, I hear Bean Pole having a mild panic attack and Clyde trying to calm him down…then the ride starts…then the ride ends.

My reaction: I’m too old for roller coasters.

Trixie’s reaction: Yeah that was so awesome!

Sassy’s reaction: The ride must have confused her a bit. She got out on the wrong side of the coaster.

Bean Pole’s reaction: …That ride made me crap my pants!

Clyde’s reaction to Bean Pole’s statement: o.0 …Seriously?

Bean Pole’s response: Yes, that ride made my back crack!

Clyde: Oh…*sweat fling* No more roller coasters for Bean Pole…


9 responses to “Friday Fun!

  1. Too old for roller coasters? No such thing! I haven’t been to Worlds of Fun in decades. πŸ™‚

  2. clankids says:

    I hadn’t been on a roller coaster in about 15 years. I got off the ride and realized I was so tense I pulled a muscle in the my back, LOL. The plan is to go to Six Flags next summer. Super is already asking if he can ride the Batman coaster. My lil thrill seeker, love it.

    • Ooh, that doesn’t sound good. We make several trips to Silver Dollar City every year, so I guess that keeps me in roller coaster condition lol. Wildfire is my favorite. The view over the hills and the lake before the first drop is amazing.

  3. Lisa Wells says:

    I used to love roller coasters – now they give me a headache. Sigh.

  4. skizholmes says:

    Love Bean Pole and Clyde’s reactions at the end. Made me laugh…Thanks. As for roller coasters, you won’t find me on one. My tummy does flip flops just thinking about it.

  5. Chris Cannon says:

    Sounds like a great day. Hope you had extra pants with you.

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