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Friday Fun!

on August 23, 2013

Friday Fun!

Usually I post about the fun antics the Clankids had over the past week. Well, this week, has been a bit of a fail in the fun department. I’ve got nothing.

It was a normal, somewhat uneventful week. We had a few laughs here and there…like when my father-in-law mentioned that we probably have snakes in our crawlspace, which wouldn’t suck so bad if we didn’t have to crawl under the house to put new plumbing in. I’m deathly afraid of snakes. Clyde and I had a good laugh about how I would react if I came across a snake while we were under the house.
A good enough laugh, I snorted (very loudly) at work. The decision was I would probably stand straight up through the floor just to get away from it. No one would be able to stop me. so if any of you awesome readers know of a way to get snake out of your crawlspace, please, I beg of you, leave a comment on how. I will be in your debt.

While I don’t have anything overly fun to share today, we are going camping Saturday with some friends. Hopefully this will produce at fun story or two to share next week. Until then, Happy Friday! Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!


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