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Friday Fun!

on October 4, 2013

Bean Pole has to touch everything. He starts by feeling things with his fingers. He rubs the object around in his palm for a minute, then rubs it against his cheek. Sometimes he will go as far as putting objects into his mouth to fully examine them. He has done this since he was a toddler. Clyde and I are used to this. 

One particular occasion of this always sticks out in mine and Clyde’s minds. Bean Pole was probably around 4 years old when this happened. He had been outside catching lightning bugs. He brought one in and sat down at the dining room table, triumphant in his mission to catch one.

He took the lid off the container and began his examination of the bug. He picked it up and looked it over. He asked the age old question, ‘How & why do their butts light up?’

Clyde answered Bean Pole the best he could. We could almost see the wheels turning in Bean Pole’s head.  He continued to stare at the bug, then somehow managed to pull the bugs butt off. He put the rest of the bug back into the container and contemplated the lighted part of the butt.

Then he did the unthinkable…

He put it in his mouth!

We gagged along with him and he was eventually able to spit it out without throwing up everywhere. 

It’s a story we laugh about now, but at the time it was truly disgusting.

Happy Friday everyone!


3 responses to “Friday Fun!

  1. My husband is always yelling at my six-year-old to stop putting things in his mouth, but he hasn’t done anything quite like that. Ick!

  2. VJ Schultz says:

    One of my kittens tried out a lightning bug, too. Poor thing had a foam beard for a while.

  3. Chris Cannon says:

    Yuck. I hope you made him brush his teeth several times and then threw away the tooth brush.

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