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Friday Fun: Trick or Treating Edition

on November 1, 2013

If your kids Trick or Treating experience was anything like the one the Clan Kids had last night, your kids probably brought home enough candy to last throughout the rest of this year, and half of next.

We had a fantastic time!

Sassy ran from house to house. I could barely get her to slow her roll. She also hit a personal best at getting to pet 5 dogs and 3 cats while out.

Bean Pole refused to keep the box on his head. (He went as a Creeper from Minecraft). I completely understand. I tried the thing on and you can’t see where you’re going. Dangerous when you are walking down porch steps.

Super’s Luigi costume was a bit too big. The belly that came with the suit made him look pregnant. The first few houses we hit Super would ask for an extra piece of candy for his ‘friend’. I asked him who he was saving the candy for and he just shrugged. Little turd! (I did tell him not to do that anymore, and he didn’t).

We have to hit a couple of different neighborhoods. (Grandparents have to see the kids and take their pictures too!) The first two went off without a hitch, minus Sassy asking to pet everyone’s animals, Super asking for extra candy for his non-existent friend, and Bean Pole constantly losing and dropping his head.

By the time we made it back to our own neighborhood, the Clan Kids had about 30 minutes left to trick or treat. They were stoked! So stoked that at the second house they ran to, Bean Pole slipped on the front step and fell on his bottom. Ouch! He dusted off his tushie and laughed it off.

A huge dog lived at the second to last stop of the night. Sassy being Sassy, she wanted to know the dogs name (It’s name is Moose), if he was nice(Yes, he was), and if she could pet him. (I told her to stop asking that, but did she listen? No.) Satisfied she got to pet the dog and got candy, she ran to the next house, as did Super. Bean Pole chatted with the lady a bit longer. When he realized the others were already at the next house he said thank you and goodbye. Which was a good thing because the lady was struggling to keep the dog from escaping her house.

Bean Pole crossed the street and was talking to me about Moose.

All the sudden we hear the lady yell. “MOOSE!”

We see the huge dog bounding toward us.

At this point, Bean Pole drops his candy and books it as fast as he can away from the dog.

Now, Bean Pole is a pretty laid back kid. He’s never in a hurry to do anything. So it was quite hysterical to see his eyes bulge, drop his precious loot from the nights excursions, and vanish before the dog even got out of its own yard.

Moose was indeed a friendly dog. He stopped so my friend and I could pet him. I’m sure the lady was grateful for not having to run the neighborhood to catch him.

Bean Pole eventually came back. Who knows how far he went. He picked up his candy and we walked the rest of the way home.

So what did I learn from last nights Trick or Treating?

  1. Sassy will never stop asking to pet other people’s animals
  2. A large costume is still too big for Super.
  3. Bean Pole may actually be a future track star…dog necessary 😉

One response to “Friday Fun: Trick or Treating Edition

  1. My little guy was worn out in less than an hour, but they had a great time. And we still have Halloween candy from last year’s massive haul, so it’s okay that this year was more modest.

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