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Review: The Bald Grandfather and his Grandsons by Amos Ordan

on April 16, 2014

About the Author:

Uncle Amos was born on 1950. He has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Business Administration. When he isn’t writing, Amos works as an international real estate and investments broker. Uncle Amos started writing children’s books at the request of his four grandsons, now aged nine, six, and three(Twins). His stories, which tackle the problems of growing up with humor and fun, are beloved of his family and hundreds of others.

My Thoughts:

This video was sent to me through my author website, ‘Uncle Amos’ sent me a request asking me to review his book via the video. Cool idea! I may have to steal this idea when my own children’s book comes out. Anyway on to the story review.

It was a cute story. It starts out with the grandpa babysitting his somewhat unruly grandkids. He is constantly having to tell them not to do the bad things they are doing. Then they ask if they can shine his bald head. Grandpa falls asleep and the boys begin to draw and color, but their drawing come to life! Grandpa saves the day with his shiny dome!

I enjoyed this book and I think my kids would as well. The pictures coming to life came out of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting it so it did throw me off just a bit, but I’m an adult and this is a kids story.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



One response to “Review: The Bald Grandfather and his Grandsons by Amos Ordan

  1. Good job! A very nice review. Congratulations.

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