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Review: The Pacifier Tree

on June 5, 2014

Johnny does not want to give up his pacifier – ever! Mom is at wit’s end. But will Johnny’s mind change when he learns about the magical Pacifier Tree? Mom and Johnny will learn an important lesson about priorities and growing up in this playful pacifier tale.
A great story for parents to read with kids struggling to give up their pacifiers!

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this story. It was cute. Again I was given the link to watch and listen to the story. This is just such an awesome idea, especially for kids books. Parents could buy the book and play the video so kids could read along. Love it!
Back to the story though. I know several parents who have struggled with getting their kids to give up their pacifiers. This story gives parents a unique way to help their child let go. The Clan Kids didn’t really use pacifiers, they used & still use their fingers.
In the book, Johnny gives up his pacifier in order for a tree to grow big enough to put a tree house in. The story kept me interested and the artwork is great. Good job Uncle Amos!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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